Fun Projects

Fun Projects

There are some fun projects and games on the links below that would help keep your mind open and fresh. An open mind allows creative ideas to flow in.

How to make an ABC Book

ABC book image

You will need:
– 2 sheets of construction paper 9”x12”
– Scissors
– Hole puncher
– String/ribbon
– Ruler
– Crayons/color pencils/markers/stickers/magazine cut outs

Young children love to make their own books. ABC books can be made with crayons, color pencils, markers, magazine cut-outs or stickers.

Use 2 sheets of construction paper for each book. Cut 4 sheets out of each piece to measure 4 ½”x6”.

Then fold each piece in half. This will make a book 3” wide and 4 ½” high, with 32 pages. This is enough for the entire alphabet, title pages, cover page and extra pages. Fold the papers in half. On the folded area, mark 2 spots for the holes with a pencil, 1” from the bottom edge and 1” from the top edge. Use a hole puncher and punch 2 holes where you made your markings. (You can stack a few pages together.)

Tie a string/ribbon at the back to keep the pages together.