Creativity and Inspiration

As a writer we have a desire to tell a story. As an artist, we have the urge to express ourselves creatively.

So, how do we go about fulfilling these needs?

Some of us carve out time in our busy schedule to write a few words each day. We do this in the early morning before the sunrise. We do this in the middle of the night when most everyone and everything thing are asleep.

No matter how we choose to bring about this vision in our minds to fruition, the thread that links most artist is the love and the passion for that “something”.

For me, I love that time in the early morning when my mind is awake. It’s like a new beginning to a new day where anything is possible. I love that hopeful feeling. I love giving life to my characters during this time.

Unlike some of my friends and family, I cannot function efficiently at night. Nighttime for me is a time to rest the mind body and soul. A time to read or watch TV. Yes, I do watch TV. There are some shows that I enjoy. And I think it’s a good thing to have other interests so that they can help expand your creativity.